Donate an Instrument

Yes, its correct: in order to progress further, we need more instruments! For example, currently we only have 5 trumpets for about 15 trumpet students. Because of this instrument shortage, our students cannot own their instrument and have to practice at the center or during rehearsal sessions: your chance to get involved and make a big difference: you can send a used brass instrument (as long as it is still in playable condition) or you can help us acquire one. Instrument types in high demand are:

trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, marching drums.

Contact us at

to get in touch about opportunities to donate an instrument for our use.

We work in close collaboration with the “Kopeyia Ghana School Fund” (KGSF), a non – profit organization in the USA. To make a tax deductible contribution in the USA, make a check payable to KGSF and include a note in the memo line of the check that the donation is intended to support the Brass Band: Kopeyia Ghana School Fund Inc., 1056 Oakland Court, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA

Kopeyia Ghana School Fund

Or contact us at

to get in touch about opportunities to support us.

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