CD out now!
The group proudly announces the international release of the recording. From March 1st 2013 it will be available for download on internet platforms such as I-tunes or Amazon world-wide. As a buyer, you’ll not only get a document of vivid and enthusiastically played traditional music. You will as well support “Music Works” as 100% of the proceeds are contributed to the program. Below is a link to preview the album on I-tunes in Germany:
After an intense rehearsal period, the group made a two-day recording session in an improvised field-recording studio in the village in 2012. Mixed and mastered with support of a professional production studio in Germany and as well as in association with the with German radio stations, the recordings turned out ready for release. Recently, the group proudly presented the release of their first album entitled “Music Works – Introducing the Kopeyia School Brass Band.” The CD features songs and melodies in the tradition of the Ewe people, usually performed for dance and enjoyment at festivities and celebrations. The rhythm section plays strictly according to the local tradition using up to ten different drums, bells and rattles. The brass sections answers the “calls” by the lead trumpet in a chorus. The album is a moving and enthusiastic document of the children’s study of music.

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