Music Works!

Welcome to the official site of the Kopeyia School Brass Band!

We invite you to listen to our music, learn more about us and: to get involved yourself!

You can also get recent updates on our facebook site, watch video clips of us playing or support us downloading our Debut Album!

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The Kopeyia School Brass Band is about to launch it’s second Album “Beethoven goes Adzrowo”. Stay tuned for the release and how and where to get it!


About the project

Initiated by pianist and trombonist Jo Junghanss and his project  “Music Works!” we promote music education and performance  for students of the Kopeyia Bloomfield Junior High School in the  rural village Kopeyia in the Aflao region, Ghana. Our project enables boys and girls between the age of 10 and 18 years to take part in music lessons, in order to learn how to play

instruments and make music together. The Kopeyia School Brass Band was founded in 2011 as its flagship ensemble featuring the students of the program.

Our project, a school program, is facilitated and administered in close collaboration with the Dagbe Center in Kopeyia, an institution specialized in providing  high standard education in a broad spectrum of traditional cultural heritage of the Ewe.

The Music Works! philosophy is based on the notion that music connects all human beings in peace, regardless of race or origin. This is why cross-cultural learning is at the core of our teaching

Initiated in 2010 as a grassroots project with help of  “Davis Projects for Peace” by International House in the US, the project sustainees itself through doinations. Music Works recently received support Goethe-Institut Ghana .


Our work in teaching and performance is based upon the existing music tradition in the region. Introducing music of different cultures we communicate that cultural identity and” openness are complementary and foster international understanding.

Our medium term goals include expanding the capacity of the project to reach out to more students, expanding repertoire and skills, include training in Math and English and developing an exchange with music groups outside Ghana.

Music Works! is entirely supported by donations. Currently we need further instruments and materials for classes. Your donation will be used directly for our work on the ground. Simply Contact us.

We work in close collaboration with the “Kopeyia Ghana School Fund” (KGSF), a non – profit organization in the USA. To make a tax deductible contribution in the USA, make a check payable to KGSF and include a note in the memo line of the check that the donation is intended to support the Brass Band: Kopeyia Ghana School Fund Inc., 1056 Oakland Court, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA

2 thoughts on “Music Works!

  1. ebendanso says:

    I want to learn how to blow the trumpet this my number 0273731529 I stay at lababadi

  2. Kumadey Seth says:

    Am really willing and interested in learning the brass band and the trumpet, 0248893510 pls I need ur assistance

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